8 years GECKO Kinderhilfe Südostasien e.V.

  • 6 Surgery Missions

    Project: Childrens Surgeries

  • 841 Consultations

    Project: Childrens Surgeries

  • 260 Surgeries

    Project: Childrens Surgeries

  • 140 kg equipment

    Project: Medical Equipment

  • 150 Waterfilter

    Project: Water & Sanitation

  • 5 Bathrooms

    Project: Water & Sanitation

  • 2 water connections

    Project: Water & Sanitation

What do we support? Our projects in Cambodia:

  • Children’s surgery

    In Cambodia, thousands of children with disabilities and Mispositions are born every year, of which ca. 1000 children with cleft lip and CA 500 children with Klappfuß. Every year, Dr. VUTHY CHHOEURN with a 20-person medical team for 4 days in a previously selected province, rents parts of a hospital and operates approx. 50 patients and gives them a new life. More…

  • S.C.A.O. School II


    There is no compulsory schooling in Cambodia. Therefore, some of the children have never seen a school from the inside, because the parents are either too poor or the children have to work very early to feed the family. We build and support schools with free English lessons. More…

  • Water and basic sanitation

    Much of the deaths in Cambodia are caused by water-borne diseases, so we support sanitation projects with water filters and the construction of toilets. More…

  • Medical Equipment

    We support the National Children’s Hospital and other local clinics in Cambodia to obtain needed medical supplies. During our children’s surgery missions and visits to a large number of hospitals, we found that hospitals, especially the operating theaters, lack the simplest things. More…

  • Emergency aid

    Ei Aufentahlten on the ground in Cambodia, we must always meet situations that require immediate assistance. Whether medical help, food, clothing or even baby supplies – we provide everything if necessary. More…

  • Micro projects

    Over the years, we always find small projects that we can support or mediate if necessary. For example, the study sponsorship of Sombo Lim. More…


  • Fruits for needy children

    As part of the emergency aid of our association we handed over 40kg of bananas and 30 kg of papaya to the NGO Sunshine Project. Due to declining donations, the care of the approximately 270 children cared for had to be restricted. In the last few weeks, for example, only rice and biscuits could be […]

  • Clothing for children in New Delhi

    On 20.11. our board member Jan Cihar, currently working in New Delhi, India, in cooperation with employees of the German Embassy, made a donation in the form of clothing to the Indian NGO "Sunshine Project", which currently cares for about 270 children from the slums of southeast Delhi. Although the school is currently closed due […]

  • Donation of laryngoscopes

    For our projects in Cambodia we received a donation of 20 sets of laryngoscopes last week. These will be used, among others, at the National Children's Hospital in Phnom Penh and other clinics in Cambodia and will save the lives of many children. Thank you Heiko Schorn for this wonderful donation!

  • "Small Rabbit School" almost finished

    The small rabbit school, built as a weather shelter for the kindergarten Frauenwald is almost finished. All information boards have already been installed inside and the designed sound wall has been designed outside. In the final step, indoor seating will be created.


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