Water and basic sanitation

  • Clean drinking water and basic sanitation

    We provide water filters, drill wells and build toilet houses in rural areas.

    The daily access to toilets is unfortunately not possible for approx. 10 million Cambodians (source: World Toilet Organization, 2011). Especially children often suffer from severe and deadly diseases. As about 74% of deaths in Cambodia are caused by water-borne diseases, we would like to support other sanitation projects. There are countless villages in Cambodia that do not have clean water or sanitary facilities. The villages occupy their water from wells (if there are any) and usually cook for the preparation of food. You usually do your business somewhere in the field.

    In recent years we have already financed 4 toilet houses in Cambodia. These were built massively, with a collecting container consisting of concrete rings. Inside there is a typical Asian toilet bowl as well as a large water reservoir. From this, the water can be removed for rinsing as well as for showers by ladle after each shop. With these measures, we have been able to significantly improve the construction of basic sanitation and the supply of clean water.

    We also have drilled 1 wells and provided approx. 150 water filters. As a result, we have already been able to provide clean drinking water to more than 150 families, far more than 650 people. We would like to expand our activities in this area.

  • What we do locally

    • Wells Drilling
    • Distributing waterfilters
    • Test water quality
    • Building toilet houses
    • Hygiene Training

    Already realized

    • 150 waterfilters
    • 4 toilet houses
    • 1 well
    • Water tests
    • Hygiene Training
  • We would be very happy if you also support our association and its goals. Every donation flows to 100% in the projects we accompany. On our website we regularly inform you about the current state of our work, because we are for absolute transparency. We would like to share with you the regular successes. Give us your trust! Because we want you to know how we use the donations we have entrusted to us.

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  • Bank Account:
    Gecko Child Support Southeast Asia e.v.
    DKB Berlin
    IBAN: DE65 1203 0000 1020 3753 31
    Swift BIC: BYLADEM1001

    Donation Receipts-Please note!
    For amounts of more than 200.00 euros, we kindly ask you to inform us of your address in the application (or by email). This is the only way we can send you a donation certificate! For an amount up to 200.00 euros a year, it is sufficient if you provide a cash deposit document or a booking confirmation from the credit institution, for example in the form of your bank statement, together with a simplified proof of payment in your tax return to the Inland Revenue Present.