School lunches or breaktfast

  • School meals – often the only meal of the children

    We support local schools in Cambodia to provide sufficient food for the students.

    School lunch for the Kok Krosaing English School

    The Kok Krosaing English School in Siem Reap teaches up to 150 children from the most impoverished backgrounds. The children get a school lunch (breakfast), which could reduce the number of children who could not come to the classroom to almost 0. Many of the children have a sponsor in Europe who pays $15 for food, medical care, pocket money and school supplies. However, since not all children have a sponsor – but all children always get a meal, there is a regular lack of money for school meals. To provide regular food to all children, $250 monthly is required.

    With your donations the children participate in the cost of meals.


    All information about the school can be found on the School website.

  • What we do locally

    • Advice
    • Volunteer support
    • Partial financing of school lunches

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