Gecko Kinderhilfe Südostasien e.V.

5 Years Gecko Kinderhilfe

  • Gecko Kinderhilfe Südostasien e.V.

    Children play Gecko in CambodiaGecko Kinderhilfe Südostasien e.V. was founded at the 12.03.2012 and entered the register of nonprofit associations at the 12.04.2012.

    It pursues exclusively non-profit and charitable purposes and has no economic, political or religious objectives.

    Our goal is development aid and support for people in need, children and young adults, primarily in south-East Asia. We support and promote educational and sports projects, care for medical care, advice and in the introduction of aid projects on site. By regularly staying on site and checking the sponsored projects, we can guarantee that your donations will arrive exactly where they are needed.
    Almost 100%. All general donations, membership fees and project-related donations flow directly into our projects on site. Since our projects have been managed directly on site since 2012, it was not possible for us in the long term to bear all costs privately. Therefore, since 2019 there has been a donation pot “Support of project supporters”, from which these costs can be financed. More information can be found on the page Donate & Help

    We pay special attention to the following activities:

    • Participation in the establishment, extension or establishment of orphanages, schools and children’s centres
    • Expansion of sanitary facilities, kitchens, sleeping, dining and teaching rooms
    • Provision of teaching materials and in special cases the remuneration of teaching staff
    • Purchase of equipment, e.g. Power generators, tables, chairs, beds and blankets
    • Accommodation, basic medical care and nutrition of children
    • Cooperation with other non-governmental organisations active in this region or in Europe (NGO)

    Activity reports

    Download the annual Report 2012!
    Download the annual Report 2013!
    Download the annual Report 2014!
    Download the annual Report 2015!
    Download the annual Report 2016!
    Download the annual Report 2017!
    Download the annual Report 2018!
    Download the annual Report 2019!

    Overview of data

    Postal address: Greifswalder Strasse 2, 99085 Erfurt, Germany
    Registered under VR 2721 at the District Court Erfurt.
    Creditor identification number in the SEPA Direct Debit procedure: DE24ZZZ00001104949
    Board of Directors: 1. Chairman and Treasurer: Jan Cihar, 2. Chairman: Krystof Cihar

  • General Donations

    Bank Account:
    Gecko Kinderhilfe Südostasien e.V.
    DKB Berlin
    IBAN: DE65 1203 0000 1020 3753 31
    Swift BIC: BYLADEM1001

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    Project-related donations

    If you would like to donate to one of our projects, please use the donation options on the project pages or add a subject with the desired project during your donation.

    Donation for children’s surgeries
    Donation for Education
    Donation for water and sanitation
    Donation for emergency aid
    Donation for school lunches
    Donation for Christmas
    Donation for Sombo