Help & Donate

  • Every donation comes to 100% in our aid projects!

    We would be very happy if you also support our association and its goals. Every donation flows to 100% in the projects we accompany. We regularly inform on our website and the social media about the current state of our work, because we are for absolute transparency.

    We would like to share with you the regular successes. Give us your trust! Because we want you to know how we use the donations we have entrusted to us.

    All donations flow almost 100% into our projects on site. The use of donations is monitored and controlled on site by us. This is the only way we can be sure that your donations will also arrive where they are needed.

    How can you help?

    Donate on a regular basis for children

    Support our projects on a regular basis! Whether it is water supply, child surgery or emergency assistance, we help countless children with our projects and emergency missions. In order to be able to assist you as professionally and reliably, we rely on regular donations – for example, to be able to plan vital operations missions or to produce basic water and sanitation services. They also support us permanently to save lives. Already at ten euros a month they make an important contribution to alleviate hardship.

    Donate once for children

    As a private individual you have various possibilities to help with your donation to children in need. Donate for a specific project (Specify the purpose or the PayPal transfer) or donate to our projects in general-we decide where the money is most needed.

    Companies donate for children

    Your business can make a difference. With a partnership with Gecko Child Support, your company invests in the future generation. Conversely, they benefit from a positive perception and their contribution as a social and therefore economically attractive location. Invest in the next generation! Become a partner of the Gecko Children’s help and help to create better living conditions for children or to give children a new life through surgeries.

    Do good and talk about it! Cooperation with Gecko Children’s help offers many advantages:

    • Their social commitment to children is perceived positively by their environment.
    • Existing customers can be more closely tied to their company and new customers will be won.
    • As an employer or business partner, your company becomes even more attractive.
    Donations instead of presents - Donate for children instead of christmas or birthday presents

    Do you also often receive unnecessary birthday or Christmas gifts?
    Do you send cards, mails or gifts to your friends, customers and business partners for Christmas?

    A donation to Gecko children’s help is quickly made, postage-saving and easy to send. They give children warmth and cheerfulness, basic medical care and sanitation, but also competence, education and strength. The first step towards a life as a self-determined personality. And the first step out of poverty.

    For companies
    Instead of sending Christmas presents, simply donate to children and share this beautiful gesture with those who are important to you or your business. They show that their company is forward-looking, adopting a positive statement and rain as a model for engaging as well. Your business partners and employees will be delighted.

    For example, you can donate the amount you would actually spend on promotional gifts or a certain amount per customer.

    By the way: if you have an issue that is particularly important to you, enter it as a donation purpose (e.g. B. Child operations, emergency assistance, basic sanitation, education). You can be sure that your donation will be used exactly for this purpose.

    Private engagement
    Also privately you can choose to donate instead of gifts. Share this with your friends and loved ones in your birthday invitation or create a birthday fundraiser for Gecko Kids Help on Facebook!

    Alternatively, just give your friends a donation at the next event to help gecko children!

    Donate for project support

    Taking care of the projects on site costs strength and, above all, a lot of money.

    Since the founding of GECKO Kinderhilfe, we have financed all costs for on-site support from purely private means. As we support more and more projects and our projects are growing steadily and stays of up to 3 months on site are necessary, a purely private financing is no longer possible. To further guarantee that 100% of the donations flow into the projects, we decided to set up our own donation pot for the care. This means that all general donations, membership fees and project-related donations continue to flow 100% into the projects. Donations to our donation pot “Project support” is used exclusively for this purpose.

    The care costs are provided on a flat rate per day in Cambodia. However, we will only estimate a fraction of the officially possible meal / overnight flat rates of the Federal Ministry of Finance (as of 2019) and continue to take over the rest privately. These are broken down as follows:

    Overnight rate: 15 € (in comparison BMF 94 €)
    Catering fee: 10 € (in comparison BMF 38 Euro)
    Transport fee: 5 €
    International health insurance: 2 €
    Other costs: 3 €

    The cost of flights in Economy Class will be taken over 100%.

    Bank account „Project support“
    GECKO Kinderhilfe Südostasien e.V.
    Usage: Project support on site
    IBAN: DE65 1203 0000 1020 3753 31 / SWIFT BIC: BYLADEM1001 / DKB Berlin

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    Leave a future for children with a will

    A testament expresses your last will and gives you the opportunity to use your assets as you wish. So you can help those you want to keep in mind.

    What happens to my apartment when I’m gone? With my dog, my jewelry and my money? Whether you make a testament is up to you. But bear in mind-only with a testament you have in your hand who you consider. You can leave to posterity something good by taking a charitable association such as Gecko Children’s help in your testament.

    Gecko Child Support works independently of state and denominations. This is only possible for us through donations, among other things from Testaments.  As a non-profit association, Gecko Children’s help is exempt from inheritance tax. In this way, 100% of the children benefit from their estate.

    Help with condolence children

    The death of a loved one is faced with pain. It can help to do good in grief and help others to play children. Many people choose this way.

    For example, in mourning messages or mourning letters, you may ask to donate to children in need instead of flowers and wreaths. In this way, hope can also be given away in the event of mourning.

    In the mourning announcement they express their will or the deceased person to ask for donations instead of grave jewellery. For example, this might look like this:

    • “At the request of the deceased, we ask for a donation for the Gecko Children’s help Southeast Asia e.v. instead of imaginary flowers or wreaths. , DKB Berlin, Iban DE65 1203 0000 1020 3753 31, Bic BYLADEM1001, Purpose: Bereavement name of the deceased. “
    Supporting Membership

    Supporting members determine their membership fee by taking into account a contribution of a fee.

    (a) Personal support members (individual membership): Min. 60.00 Euro/year or 5.00 euro/month
    (b) Personal support members (family membership): Min. 120.00 Euro/year or 10.00 euro/month
    (c) Legal entities: Min. 600.00 Euro/year or 50.00 euro/month

    You can download the application for support membership here: ation for support membership

    Volunteering on site

    If you would like to support our work on site as a volunteer, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions in a conversation.

    Shopping with - Shopping and doing something good!

    AmazonSmile is an easy way for customers to do something good with every purchase via Amazon of a social organization of their choice – at no additional cost to customers or organizations.

    Customers will experience the same shopping experience they know from and benefit from the same low prices, choice and convenience of shopping-with the added benefit that Amazon 0.5% of the purchase amount from Own bag on Gecko children’s help.

    Our tip: If you are not sure how smile works, shop normally at and use for the order process! All products can be found in your shopping cart.

    Shopping and doing good!

    Amazon Smile Gecko Kids Help

    Donation Receipts-Please note!

    For amounts of more than 200.00 euros, we kindly ask you to inform us of your address in the application (or by email). This is the only way we can send you a donation receipt! For an amount of up to 200.00 euro a year, it is sufficient if you make a cash deposit voucher or a booking confirmation from the credit institution, for example in the form of your bank statement, together with a simplified proof of receipt for your tax return to the Tax Office Submit.

    The Association Gecko Children’s help Southeast Asia e.v. is due to the promotion of development cooperation according to the exemption decision of the Financial office Erfurt under the tax number 151/141/13481 from the 08.06.2016 according to § 5 abs. 1 No. 9 KStG from corporate tax and § 3 No. 6 GewStG exempt from trade tax. Furthermore, the association serves exclusively and directly for charitable purposes within the meaning of § § 51 ff. Ao. The association is entitled for donations which are turned to it for use for the fulfilment of statutory purposes, grant confirmation according to officially prescribed form (§ 50 abs. 1 EStDV). This permission is also valid for membership fees.

    If you still wish to have a donation certificate, we will gladly issue it to you. In this case, please leave your address in the intended use or inform us by e-mail.

  • Donation accounts

    Bank Account:
    Gecko Child Support Southeast Asia e.v.
    DKB Berlin
    IBAN: DE65 1203 0000 1020 3753 31
    Swift BIC: BYLADEM1001

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    Project-related donations

    If you would like to donate to one of our projects, please use the donation options on the project pages or add a subject with the desired project during your donation.

    Donation for children’s surgeries
    Donation for Med. Material
    Donation for Education
    Donation for water and sanitation
    Donation for emergency aid