Children´s surgeries

  • Childrens surgeries

    Every year we go with Dr. VUTHY CHHOEURN and a more than twenty-headed surgeons and nurse team for 4 days in a previously selected province, rent parts of a hospital and operate aprox. 50 children and give them a new life.

    In Cambodia, thousands of children with disabilities and Mispositions are born every year, of which ca. 1000 children with cleft lip and CA 500 children with Klappfuß. During the Vietnam War, about Cambodia were 2.5 million tonnes of bombs dropped, while the Khmer Rouge (1975-1979) continued to ca. 5 million landmines buried throughout the country. Many of these mines are still demanding hundreds of victims every year, especially in the rural population. There are also many cases of cleft lip, cancer and other impairments.

    Give a child a new life too! Help us – with your donation!

  • What do we treat?

    • Cleft lip-palate
    • Tumors/adhesions
    • Congenital-trauma limb deformities
    • Burn contractures
    • Injuries to mine victims
    • Other operations as needed
  • 2019

    Mondulkiri Provincial Referral Hospital
    05. – 08.06.2019

    • 4 days, of which 2 days of operation
    • 27 Team members
    • 109 Patient Consultations
    • 24 Surgical Operations

    Pictures of the mission

  • 2019

    Pailin Provincial Hospital
    16. – 19.01.2019

    • 4 days, of which 2 days of operation
    • 27 Team members
    • 96 Patient Consultations
    • 21 Surgical Operations
    • 1 training day/
      17th Symposium – Essentials of Pediatric Surgery in Cambodia

    Here’s a online newspaper article about our surgical mission:
    A Humanitarian Effort in Pailin

    Pictures of the mission

  • 2018

    Beantey Meanchey Provincial Hospital
    07. – 10.06.2018

    • 4 days, of which 2 days of operation
    • 28 Team members
    • 178 Patient Consultations
    • 54 Surgical Operations
  • 2017

    Kratie Provincial Hospital
    08. – 11.06.2017

    • 4 days, of which 2 days of operation
    • 27 Team members
    • 210 Patient Consultations
    • 61 Surgical Operations
  • 2016

    Oddar Meanchey Provincial Hospital
    09. – 12.06.2016

    • 4 days, of which 2 days of operation
    • 24 team members
    • 122 Patient Consultations
    • 54 Surgical Operations
  • 2015

    Preah Vihear Provincial Hospital
    11. – 14.06.2015

    • 4 days, of which 2 days of operation
    • 28 team members
    • 126 Patient Consultations
    • 52 Surgical Operations
  • 6th Children Surgery Mission in Mondulkiri

    Hospital of the Mondulkiri Province

  • The total costs for transport, material, aid staff, rent of the hospital, accommodation and catering amount to approx. 5,000-€6,000 per mission.

    Only about €120 per surgery!

  • Why we support this project

    We met Dr. Vuthy Chhoeurn and his wife at a presentation of his project in Phnom Penh. Both give everything to help children. Whether in the National Children’s Hospital or at your project to go to the hospitals in the country. In your emotional talk you have documented all the “surgical trips” in detail. These are only financed by private donations and it is not possible to plan when the necessary costs will be available next time. In this project, we can be sure that all donations will arrive directly where they are needed. We will be happy to accompany the next mission in person on site.

Our Partners

  • National Pediatric Hospital Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  • National Pediatric Hospital
    Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  • – Doctors / Specialists
    – Surgeons

    – Nurses
    – Medical equipment

  • Logo Gecko Kinderhilfe Südostasien e.V.

  • GECKO Kinderhilfe SOA e.V.
    Erfurt, Germany

  • Missions Financing
    – Travel expenses
    – Accommodation, meals
    – Medical material
    – Rent hospital
    – Aftercare
    – Hygiene Packs
    – Personal support on site

  • 7days jobwear

  • 7 days
    Marc Staperfeld GmbH
    Lotte, Germany

  • – Surgical clothing
    – Medical clothing
    – Team clothing

  • We would be very happy if you also support our association and its goals. Every donation flows to 100% in the projects we accompany. On our website we regularly inform you about the current state of our work, because we are for absolute transparency. We would like to share with you the regular successes. Give us your trust! Because we want you to know how we use the donations we have entrusted to us.
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  • Bank Account:
    Gecko Child Support Southeast Asia e.v.
    DKB Berlin
    IBAN: DE65 1203 0000 1020 3753 31
    Swift BIC: BYLADEM1001

    Donation Receipts-Please note!
    For amounts of more than 200.00 euros, we kindly ask you to inform us of your address in the application (or by email). This is the only way we can send you a donation certificate! For an amount up to 200.00 euros a year, it is sufficient if you provide a cash deposit document or a booking confirmation from the credit institution, for example in the form of your bank statement, together with a simplified proof of payment in your tax return to the Inland Revenue Present.