Organic food from organic waste

Planning and realization of a school garden with aquaponics (fish farming and vegetable cultivation), chicken farming and nature garden at the NGO “Together for Cambodia – TFC.”

There is a school and a children’s centre on the grounds of TFC, where 40 children can currently grow up safely. In order to minimize the cost of food and to provide children with knowledge about new ways of growing plants and animal husbandry, we have teamed up with TFC to launch the “Children’s Garden” project.

All food will come from organic waste. From the use of seeds of sand-covered fruit, to a mavenae farm for the recycling of organic garbage, to the natural cycle of aquaponics, in which fish and plants grow in a common closed circuit.

As a complement, a natural garden is created where students can see the accumulated seeds and grow the plants large. Development time of May-August 2019.

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