Emergency aid

  • Donation pot Emergency aid in Cambodia

    In case of emergency, we take care of medical costs, hospital costs, food, baby and children’s articles, hygiene articles and much more.

    At local residencies in Cambodia, we often have to face situations that require immediate help. Whether medical help, food, clothing or baby supplies – we provide everything when needed.

    For these cases there is our Donation potp “emergency aid”.
    Of course, we regularly inform you about the use of the funds.

  • What we do locally

    • Advice
    • Provide meals and materials
    • Assumption of medical costs
    • Assumption of hospital costs
    • Purchase of baby food, clothing, etc.
    • Provision of hygiene articles
  • Support for LyCha / 2019

    Lycha was handed over to the Cambodian Handicraft Association (CHA) in poor condition because the mother could no longer look after him. He was completely malnourished and had countless stains and stings on his skin. As part of our emergency aid program, we provide CHA with funding for baby milk, clothing and medical care. The project is provisionally scheduled until the end of 2019, but we hope to continue to support it next year. Mr. Kim Tha Hay, his family and all the local Polio-affected women take care of the little ones.

  • What we do locally

    • Baby milk, food
    • Clothing
    • Med. Costs
  • Transport, food and accommodation / 2018

    Our small patient, who could not be treated on the ground because of the severity of his upcoming surgery, arrived at the hospital in Phnom Penh today. GECKO assumes the travel and subsistence costs for him and his family. The National Pediatric Hospital will cover the operating costs.

    Thanks to GECKO, our little patient was able to undergo surgery. Everything went perfectly and the parents are overjoyed.

  • What we do locally

    • Transportation costs
    • Food
    • Living costs
  • Not-Geburt per Kaiserschnitt / 2018

    SORN LIENG IM is a woman with polio (polio). She can only move by rolling or by using her hips instead of the legs. She and her husband are expecting their first child in the next few days. According to the doctors, however, it can only see the light of day through cesarean section. Since there is no way for the young couple to do so financially, we have decided to fund this through our emergency aid program in cooperation with Estrellas de Camboya and to give the young family a future.

    Here you can find a video about Lieng in YouTube.

    Much faster than expected! SORN LIENG IM gave birth to her daughter Socheat Ly Ma on 9 November 2018 with a weight of 3250 grams by caesarean section 🙂 Congratulations to the parents! We are proud to have made this birth possible!

    Ein wundervolles Dankeschreiben an GECKO, seine Mitglieder, Spender und Unterstützer.

    Thank you very much indeed for helping our member who gave birth to a baby on birth operation. She is very healthy, safe and successful during her birth operation, and so is her baby. You are very good person who shares weal and woe with our member who lacks of some funds during her delivery to a baby. That’s very kind of you to help her while she faces to difficult situation of financial issue, and you provide her with your kindness and generosity. All of us have never forgotten your kindness and generosity throughout our life. We will report everything that have been done from the beginning to end at the hospital soon and we will make a small video of the days of her delivery to a baby and then will send it to you soon.

    We are so glad that you will visit us in December. If possible, can you come near the end of December? We all will have friendly trip to the sea to celebrate our whole work for one year at CHA. Every year, we always make a trip to the beach to get fresh air and get our new ideas for the new year 2019. Please let us know your time to join with us because we regard you as our friendly friend and helper to our association. Please stay in touch with us. May our mutual understanding and friendship last forever!!

    With billion thanks,


    CHA Director

  • What we do locally

    • Part financing of medical costs
    • Part financing of hospital costs
  • Emergency surgery / 2018

    We were asked if we could provide emergency aid. This young woman was 4 months pregnant and had heavy bleeding. The hospital found that the child died and needs to be removed. Gecko took over the costs, as the small family had no chance to raise the costs somehow. In the end, at least the mother survived.

  • What we do locally

    • Advice
    • Medical costs
    • Hospital costs