Fifth child surgery mission ended

We have reason to celebrate. Our fifth Children’s Operations mission is successfully completed. So we were able to change 236 lives in five years through surgery!

Day 1:
Arrival 8 hours by bus. Everything is built up, the first consultations have taken place and the first 7 operations are set for tomorrow.

Day 2:
After 12 hours and 14 surgeries we end the day around tomorrow for further surgeries and the first doctors ‘ symposium taking place with us.

Day 3:
In addition to seven complicated operations, the 17th. Symposium on the basics of pediatric surgery. Our team trained the pediatricians of the province.

Day 4:
Last visit to our little patients. We are glad that everyone is doing so well after the surgeries. What a wonderful mission.

Many thanks to all donors, supporters and members! Also a big thank you to our two volunteers Judith and Sigrid as well as Stefan and Bettina from ChiChinBay who accompanied our mission!