New educational and community center

The “Save Poor Children in Asia Organization” (Cambodia) plans with the support of its partner organizations “Kinderhilfe in Kambodscha e.V.” (Germany), “GECKO Kinderhilfe Südostasien e.V.” (Germany), “Estrellas de Camboya” (Spain), “SCOOP Foundation” (Ireland) and “Pacha Youth Foundation” (USA) to build a new Educational and Community center in Prey Ponror, a village about 25km northwest of the capital Phnom Penh. The catchment area includes 16 other smaller villages, which are all easily accessible by bike. The state education system has here about 2 primary schools and 1 secondary school and reaches approximately 1,000 students per day.

The project costs amount to a total about 125,000 €.
The planned financing share of GECKO Kinderhilfe is 20,000 €.

S.C.A.O. pursue with the new building, the aim of increasing the quality of education across the state offered a minimum level of addition. The focus is on free English and computer courses, the expected number of students is about 300-400 per day. Accompanying the project also training and health training, contributing to the improvement of water supply (wells, water filter) and the construction of toilet houses are planned for the future. All activities take place here in close cooperation with the local authorities.
S.C.A.O. already has experience in the implementation of similar projects (see reference project) and currently operates 2 schools with a total of about 600 students per day. The plans for the current project started in the 2nd quarter of 2013, start of construction is scheduled for the 1st quarter 2016 and the beginning of classes for the 3rd quarter 2016.


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