Clean water and basic sanitation

The daily access to toilets is not possible for approx. 10 million Cambodians (source: World Toilet Organization, 2011). Children in particular often suffer from serious and fatal diseases. Because approximately 74% of deaths are caused by diseases caused by dirty water in Cambodia, we would like to support further projects in basic sanitation. There are countless villages in Cambodia, which have neither clean water nor sanitation. The village occupancy get their water from wells (if there are some) and boil it mostly for food preparation. Their “business” they do usually somewhere on the field.

In recent years we have already financed 4 toilets in Cambodia. These were heavily built, with a collection container, consisting of a concrete ring. Inside is a typical Asian toilet bowl and a large water tank. From this, the water can be removed by a ladle after each “business” for flushing and also for showering. With these measures, we were able to significantly improve the construction of basic sanitation and the supply of clean water.
Furthermore, we have found 1 well and 100 water filters. Through this, we were able to provide access to clean drinking water to more than 100 families, that means more than 500 people. We gladly would be able to expand our activities in this area.

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