School lunches for Kok Krosaing English School

The Kok Krosaing English School (https://www.facebook.com/kokkrosaing) in Siem Reap teaches up to 150 children coming from poor living conditions. The children get a breakfast in the school each morning, therefore the number of children not coming to school due to illness has been reduced to almost 0. Many of the children have a sponsor in […]

€620 Donated
31% Funded

Mobile Pediatric Surgery in 2017 in Cambodia

Following our successful fundraising for the mobile pediatric surgery 2016, we want to continue this project in 2017 and thus facilitate many more children a new life. Planning for this is just beginning. Please help us again this time !!!

€4550 Donated
101.11% Funded

Diamond Education

We are proud to present you today our latest project: Diamond Education. The situation: Until now in Cambodia exist in addition to official / public education programs indeed numerous private and also free of charge by NGOs provided ones. However, there is no medium collecting and clearly providing all information about existing facilities. Our vision: […]

€400 Donated

New educational and community center

The “Save Poor Children in Asia Organization” plans with the support of its partner organizations to build a new Educational and Community center in Prey Ponror, a village about 25km northwest of the capital Phnom Penh.

€5900 Donated
29.5% Funded

Mobile Children Surgery 2016 in Cambodia

Following our successful fundraising campaign for the mobile children’s surgery in Preah Vihear Province, we want to continue this project in 2016 and thus enable many more children a new life. Please help us this time again!

€5000 Donated
100% Funded

Donation pot
“Emergency Aid”

During stays on site, we have repeatedly encounter situations that requires immediate assistance. Whether medical help, food, clothing or baby needs – we provide everything when needed.

€1551 Donated
77.55% Funded

Clean water and basic sanitation

Approximately 74% of deaths are caused by diseases caused by dirty water in Cambodia, we would like to support further projects in basic sanitation.

€1170 Donated
23.4% Funded

Mobile Children Surgery 2015 in Prea Vihear

Annually travels DR. Vuthy CHHOEURN with a 20-member medical team for 4 days in a preselected Province, rented parts of a hospital and operated on 60 patients and gives you so a new life.

€5000 Donated
100% Funded

Christmas with Together for Cambodia

A small portion of the budget is used for the real “celebration”. The majority is used here for the “gifts”. These consist mainly of everyday objects that are currently missing the children, or must be replaced.

€1015 Donated
101.5% Funded

Toilet houses in Kampong Chnang

We built on the spot three “toilet houses”. These were heavily built, with a collection container, consisting of a concrete ring. Inside is a typical Asian toilet bowl and a large water tank.

€1500 Donated
100% Funded
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